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Final Thoughts for Exam Week

I would like to start off by saying that this was possibly my favorite class thus far at Mary Washington. Considering that I am only here for one more semester, I can’t imagine that I will find another that I enjoy so thoroughly. 1) Top three things you liked about the class structure. (In no […]

The Finale!

When the Images group received the specifics for our project, we didn’t’ know each other. However we agreed that we would need to approach this task with a unified front, meaning that we felt it was important to agree on our process and on how we wanted to execute this project with efficiency and attention […]

Yay to Creativity Day!!!

Today I feel like we accomplished something special. I am quite proud of the fact that the Mary Washington through the Years site will be saved and archived in the special collections of the school. If my children decide to go to the University of Mary Washington, they will be able to march into the […]

Digital History Teaching tools and Archiving

After reading three of the Articles from the American Historical Association plus Dr. McLurken’s “Observations on Archives and Teaching Undergraduates in the Digital Age”, I am once again reminded how important and  influential the digital age is to the learning and teaching of history. As a student of history and a future teacher of middle […]

Better Late than Never

So this past week was a bit fuzzy for me. I was rather sick on Monday and Tuesday and I had to get a root canal on Thursday so that was fun. In other words, I spaced a little bit on the blogging so I thought that I would throw this post in here a […]

Goin’ Googly!

This weeks reading was a whole lot  of google information. I enjoyed reading and watching about a feature that I use at least three times a day! I never really thought about the data set and the lexicon that went along with my innocent google terms such as “flourless chocolate cake” or “the history of […]

It’s Launched!!!!

We are so very excited to have launched our website…and on time no less, not that we had a choice after the Alumni Meeting! We worked very hard over the weekend to update the site and tweak the format to make it look professional and what not. Mary Ann made and AMAZING slide show on […]

Play time is over!

Sadly spring break has come to an end, and back to the grind we go : ( The Images groups was very productive over the break and we have uploaded all of our classified chosen photos…except for the ones from one of the photographers who did not give us the rights…but what can you do? […]

What a Week

To reiterate my title, WHAT A WEEK! I am sure that this week will be no different. On Thursday after we presented our 5 minute update, and after I finished my classes for the day, I traveled to Washington, DC to attend one of the most interesting seminars I have ever seen! It was called […]

21st Century Encyclopedia

Jimmy Wales is not your mothers door to door encyclopedia salesman; he is the “King” of a rag tag bunch of cyber geniuses who created the powerhouse that is known as Wikipedia.  I did a little research on…you guessed it wikipedia and found out that Wiki software, which in my humble opinion , is one […]