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The Finale!

When the Images group received the specifics for our project, we didn’t’ know each other. However we agreed that we would need to approach this task with a unified front, meaning that we felt it was important to agree on our process and on how we wanted to execute this project with efficiency and attention to detail. This line of communication was established from the very beginning of the semester when we set up or google.doc. This document has proved to be the most important component that allowed us to maintain constant communication and organization. Through the google.doc, we immediately began to work on our group contract which turned the concept of our project into more of a reality. I truly feel that we not only met, but in some cases exceeded our proposal.

Our primary goal was to develop an easy, efficient way to collect information from UMW/MWC images throughout the years, while soliciting the help of alumni for identification purposes. We had them all our photos chosen by February 7th as our contract outlined. In the end, we chose 200 photos but were only able to identify 150 of them. This was because they were missing critical date information that we had not run across in our research.  We actively solicited help from Alumni, school administrators, and professors for any information that they could provide in identifying the images.

Our secondary goal, was to create a place where alumni could view the UMW/MWC images in a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing way. We embarked upon that goal pretty early on in the process because we needed to have a mock up site to demo for the Alumni Board meeting on February 20th. We received fantastic feedback from the board about the aesthetics and accessibility of our site, including an offer to place a write up in the alumni newsletter for both March and April.  We continued to build our site for the launch, a goal which we met at 12:01 am on March 15th.  Once we me our major deadline of our site launch, we worked on researching our images through yearbooks, and Dr. Crawley’s and Dr. Alvey’s books. We continued marketing our site by handing out business cards to alumni, professors, and students and posting links on networking sites such as facebook and twitter. Once we found information on our images we updated a spreadsheet which we will send to Carolyn Parsons to update their archive as well. We created an interactive map of alumni contributors and linked a map of Campus MW campus throughout the years to that map page. We also created a “how to” guide on a simple page in the backend as guidance for someone to take our site over.

All in all, I am truly proud of what we have accomplished this semester. We have created an interactive site that documents Mary Washington history, images, experience, and traditions that we hope people will continue to update throughout the years. I know that I will check in on the site from time to time, to admin and simply look at any added images. I would also like to take this time to thank the members of our group, Mary, Megan, and Jonathan. It was really a pleasure working with you; I feel that we created something special here thank you for the experience.

2 Comments on “The Finale!”

  1. #1 kokoro
    on Apr 21st, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    It’s understandable that your group needed to have your site up earlier than the rest of the groups, but you guys were really on the ball. I think the rest of us were just a little bit jealous when you launched your site. It made the rest of us seem like slackers in comparison!

    Out of curiosity, how much were you able to identify through your research of the yearbooks?

  2. #2 Caryn
    on Apr 21st, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    We were able to find a lot of information from the year books. Many of the pictures were directly from the yearbooks….a lot of them weren’t though and those were the hard ones to research. -Caryn