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Yay to Creativity Day!!!

Today I feel like we accomplished something special. I am quite proud of the fact that the Mary Washington through the Years site will be saved and archived in the special collections of the school. If my children decide to go to the University of Mary Washington, they will be able to march into the library, and watch a video of our group presenting our project, how neat is that!

As I watched the Mary Ball Washington group present, and after we presented our own site, I couldn’t help but think of our very first presentations of our projects. We all seemed somewhat anxious, questioning how we wanted to approach the topic, how we thought we should tackle the site build and what information we wanted to convey to the audience, and furthermore, who was that audience?  It’s amazing how far we have come in just a few short months. There is such a great sense of accomplishment to completely create something from scratch. I am a huge fan of cooking, every meal I make feels like an adventure of some kind, but once it’s made, and then eaten, it’s gone…it will never be exactly the same meal again. With this site, I think it makes a lasting imprint, in the virtual world, on my academic career, and now, in the Mary Washington Special Collections.

Update 4-14-10

I just wanted to mention that we received a final map!!! I have to say, it was quite an improvement over the first one that we received, however, we did feel that it was very similar to the campus visitor’s map that the UMW website and admissions provided. That being said, after clearing it with Dr. McClurken, we are going to link it to our website through a google page after the map group makes some minor changes. The plan is to embed it into the google page and link it in the “webpage” view on our current alumni map page so that visitors of our site can see if they want to. We did not want to have an uneven number of pages listed at the top bar of our site because, as it turns out, we are all a fan of symmetry and it would just irk us to have an imbalance.

In other news, we have our citation page linked to our acknowledgement page!! We are still searching for a couple of the editors of some of the year books but we have the majority of them completed so adding a couple more won’t take long. We are currently writing our “An Administrator’s Guide to Running the Site” for whoever will pick up where we left off. We really hope that this website will continue throughout the years but, as we discussed with Dr. McClurken yesterday, finding someone to commit to administration may prove to be tough. I know that our group will check in on the site from time to time but in the next few weeks we will have to really brainstorm and decide what we want to do with this site. I for one do not want to let it die, we have worked so hard on it and received some fantastic feedback, that is seems like a real shame to give it up. If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears!!

Hey all by the way if you want to join the UMW Facebook page, here is the link!! Mary Washington College/Univ. of Mary Washington Alumni

2 Comments on “Yay to Creativity Day!!!”

  1. #1 adegraffenreid31708
    on Apr 14th, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    I agree with you how amazing it is at how far we’ve all come. I think all our projects look great, and it’s exciting to see them come together.

    Congrats on finally getting your map! I’m glad that it looks better.

    You are facing a tough question, because it is hard to continue working on a site when you’re moving on past graduation, (hopefully) getting a job and moving on…especially since you’re no longer receiving a grade. I hope you can work something our, because the site does look great.

  2. #2 kokoro
    on Apr 15th, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    Glad to hear you finally have your map (and that it looks better, because the other one…)!

    My group is also a fan of symmetry, so we created a simple page just for the maps (even with the maps also being on exhibit pages) JUST because we wanted it to be even across the top.

    It’s interesting to consider where these sites will be years from now. With yours, it something that can be contributed to from outside sources, so I see it having a long shelf life if you’ve got people using it to start with.