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Better Late than Never

So this past week was a bit fuzzy for me. I was rather sick on Monday and Tuesday and I had to get a root canal on Thursday so that was fun. In other words, I spaced a little bit on the blogging so I thought that I would throw this post in here a little late.

The past two weeks in the world of the Alumni Images group were relatively quiet. Quiet, minus the map issue that is, but we have already explained that situation ad nauseum, so I will leave that alone on this blog.

I have been doing a whole heck of a lot of research and have found many images that were in our original pictures that we placed on the site so I have identified those people on the site. I have also found out many interesting things about University history such as class prophecies, other names for buildings and majors and quirky little extras about certain clubs such as the Nightingales whose aim was always to “Out sing the glee club”.

I will update the current blog with more information but I thought that I should at least post a late blog for last week.

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