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What a Week

To reiterate my title, WHAT A WEEK! I am sure that this week will be no different. On Thursday after we presented our 5 minute update, and after I finished my classes for the day, I traveled to Washington, DC to attend one of the most interesting seminars I have ever seen! It was called Ignite DC, think of a digital soapbox presentation…not like the derby. The premise is this, “Five minutes, 20 slides, what would you say?”. The topics ranged from furthering technology in education to the joy of kickball, there was even one women who waxed poetically about her love of the honey bee. There was one speaker in particular that may help in formatting and designing our final sites. Carl Roose, a web designer spoke about the importance of FONT when thinking about designing a site or even submitting a paper or resume here is a link to his presentation: Beyond the font menu: 7 tips for bettering your lettering.

It didn’t hurt that my friend Denis Bonilla was one of the presenters, hence the reason for attending Ignite DC, but I have to say that I would love to check it out next quarter. The presenters were some of the most brilliant, eloquent people that I had ever heard. It seemed so fitting to attend a digitally advanced educational seminar such as this while taking this Digital History course. I think that clearly shows that history and communication are moving forward in the digital world at exponential rates. Ignite DC was a prime example of how people are choosing to express themselves in the digital age. Since I am studying to become a Middle School teacher, I read about the future of adolescent learning constantly. One of the trends that teachers are concerned about is the attention span of a child. These kids are conditioned, basically from birth to watch a program segmented into 10-15 minute intervals, so after 15-20 minutes of a lesson written in chalk on a blackboard, they get bored, its just reality. I think that as a teacher I can take the fundamentals of the Ignite DC plan and move into the class room, through power point and media files…lets hope that the school will be equipped for the technology I plan to bring in…let alone have to money to reimburse me for bringing that technology into the classroom. But I have gone off on a tangent.

In other news, the Images group presented our site and proposal to the Alumni Board this past Saturday and it was FANTASTIC! The response was overwhelmingly positive and the Board seemed genuinely excited by the prospect of connecting and involving Mary Washington alumni from coast to coast. They enjoyed our presentation so much that our group has been invited to another event on April 21st after the final project has been presented to the class. We are really moving along on this project, it was hard to picture how the site would begin to take form but now it seems like we are not only able to manage but to find some creative latitude to our site. Its nice to know that we are on a good path.

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