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Snow and Contracts, Contracts and Snow!

Well goodness, snowpocalypse 2010 has certainly thrown the metro area for a loop huh? Regardless, contract were still due and our images group worked our little fingers to the bone in order to get it out on-time, or a few hours early. I have to say our group works very well together and we have a very open line of communication that we have been sharing with Dr. McClurken as well. Just a note to the other groups out there, part of the reason that we are able to have such tight communication is due to the Google.doc that we converse on daily…and I mean DAILY!!!

I did want to wait until we received our comments before writing this blog and I think that the comments were very insightful  and after reading them and then comparing them to the contract I realized that they were spot on. I have since gone back and made some corrections and raised some questions to the group to see how we can improve upon our mission.

I believe that this open forum between group and professor is really a productive way to achieve the goal that this course is reaching towards. By using these blogs and the google docs, we have a more accessible line of communication that is really cutting edge in the classroom.  When I was in highschool the teachers did not have a computer in the classroom…and this was in 99, which is really not that long ago, and now, we are able to communicate with our professors in live time. I think its pretty remarkable. Anyway, those are my “deep thoughts” for the week…maybe I have been locked in my house for too long!

1 Comment on “Snow and Contracts, Contracts and Snow!”

  1. #1 Mary Ann
    on Feb 10th, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    I’m glad our group communicates as well as we do! We do have some rethinking of our contract to do though, but I think once we go over Dr. McClurken’s questions and suggestions we’ll have a pretty solid foundation for our project.