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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

Tools and More Tools!!!

Emily Chang’s “eHub” certainly lives up to its name! I was truly impressed by the sheer amount of aggragate info she has collected regarding digital tools. A few really stood out to me for personal and group purposes. First of all, the DoAttend tool sounds like a great tool for both our group ( if […]

Creative Uses for Digital Tools

Over the last few years I have been toying around with many different digital tools. This was mainly because I had built a website using “googlepages”, which was certainly user friendly but had to be manipulated by HTML to get the results that I was looking for, FYI I had lots of help with this […]

An Intro to Digital History

Hi, my name is Caryn and I am a BLS senior majoring in American Studies. I am supposed to graduate this summer after completing my thesis on the correlation between the Labor Movement and Folk Music from 1905-1925.  After graduation I intend to enroll in the Virginia Career Switchers program for Teaching where I will […]